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Capture video stills from video devices right to your hard drive.

Capture IT! is a utility for Mac OS X that allows you to quickly capture single or multiple video frames right to your hard drive. With this tool, you can capture a series of stills at user defined frame intervals that work great for doing image analysis research or timelapse effects for video. No matter what your specific need is, if you need to quickly grab video frames as images, this tool is for you.

Unlike Quicktime PRO, Capture IT! grabs video frames from live video sources connected to your computer via Firewire, AJA video cards, Decklink video cards, or any other Quicktime compatible video device. With full deck control it is very fast and easy to grab video frames off of tape right to your hard drive without going through a non-linear edit system.

Features & Benefits:
  • Quickly capture stills from you video hardware without digitizing video into an NLE first.
  • Create time-lapse image sequences with user defined frame intervals.
  • Assign a graphic application to your stills so they appear to be created by that application.
  • All images are captured as lossless, uncompressed TIFF images.
  • Full deck control via FireWire or RS-422.
  • Automatic image name sequencing.