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Tools for Television PRO

Automate Photoshop for a video design environment like never before! This tool is a must have for anyone using Photoshop for video.

(mac and windows compatible)

Tools for Television PRO picks up where the Photoshop Toolbox leaves off. This unique software adds an additional palette to Photoshop that is loaded with video specific functions for Photoshop. The features offered in this software package are not available any where else. Included with the software is Title Builder, Frame Grabber, and a Photo to Video converter along with dozens of other tools. These 3 features are worth the price of admission alone! Scroll down to read the key features and benefits of owning Tools for Television PRO.

Full Support for Photoshop CS and above!

  • NEW! Full support for DVCPRO HD video formats.
  • Specify safe grid colors, opacity, and a new box and color feature for the bug grids.
  • Mini window view with the most frequently accessed tools in a smaller window to free up more screen real estate.
  • Automated creation of Safe Grids in all standard video formats.
  • Option to create a safe grid that outlines a network bug to prevent designing images that will be covered by network logo when aired.
  • Automatic "intelligent" alpha channel creation for your images. New to version 2.0 is the ability to have your alpha channels recreated automatically upon saving.
  • Support for automatically creating separate alpha and fill files for still store systems requiring 2 graphic files.
  • FTP file transfer support. Now you can directly FTP your saved files right from Photoshop to your still store or graphics server.
  • New and improved photo to video function that detects digital photo sizes and automatically resizes them for different video formats. more info...
  • Quick save feature that automatically saves your production files for your NLE with preset save options.
  • Title Builderâ„¢ rapidly builds dozens or hundreds of titles from a Photoshop template in a fraction of the time it would take to do this by hand. more info...
  • Support for sequence naming from within Title Builderâ„¢.
  • Frame Grabberâ„¢ takes real time video stills from FireWire video devices and other video cards directly into Photoshop as Photoshop documents. more info...
  • Automatic conversion of all non-square pixel video formats.
  • Custom keyboard shortcuts for all of the functions in the software.
  • Full support for NTSC D1, DV, PAL, HDTV, and anamorphic video formats.
  • Video specific save dialogs designed with video users in mind.
  • Cut your design time by 40 to 60%.
  • Free up your actions palette for other tasks and actions.
  • Bypass your NLE for getting video stills into Photoshop.
  • Generate large numbers of title graphics on a variety of templates without redundant text input.
  • Work faster in Photoshop than ever before.
  • Apply video related filters to your images with a single click of the mouse or custom keyboard shortcuts.