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QClip is a real time, hardware based broadcast video clip player

QClip is an application for Mac OS X that allows you to play Quicktime movies through Quicktime compatible video hardware including but not limited to FireWire devices, Decklink video cards and AJA video cards. This tool gives you fast access to any QuickTime movie and plays full motion video and audio out to your hardware device. Clips are assigned to pages and every clip is assigned to keys on the keyboard for quick recall and playback. Full support for IN and OUT points for the clips, cueing and everything you need for a broadcast ready clip player.

So, if you want to get away from tape machines or dvd players for playing back video elements for any kind of real time environment such as broadcast television, iMag for churches or corporate shows, or any other situation where you need access to multiple video elements quickly without cueing up tape machines, this is the product you need!

Simply export Quicktime movies from Final Cut or any other non linear editor with the codec specific to your hardware device and drop the movie right into QClip for instant play out.

Features & Benefits:
  • Play QuickTime movies to video hardware for use in video switchers and live environments.
  • Full keyboard access to all clips.
  • IN and OUT Point support for cueing and stopping clips.
  • Batch importing of files makes it quick to get clips on air.
  • Full timecode display for current clip position and clip remaining time.
  • Playlist support.
  • Playlists can be edited in real time while the playlist is cued and playing.
  • Clips in playlists can be marked to skip or play in real time.
  • Turn your mac into a broadcast video clip server.
Version 1.2 (155) Update Notes:
  • Added ability to edit playlists while they are playing.
  • Added ability to save playlists to external files.
  • Added ability to cut, copy and paste clips within playlists.
  • Added ability to jump to a position in a playlist by clicking on a clip.
  • Added ability to add clips to a playlist that are not loaded into the clips window. This is accomplished by dragging clips directly into the Playlist Window.
  • Added K and L keys as pause and play keys respectively.
  • Added ability to start and stop clips via space bar.
  • Added ability to load all clips in clip window into a playlist.
  • Added ability to set a clips status to "SKIP" within a playlist. This can be done live or before playlists play.
  • Added ability to drop clips into specific location within a playlist. This works for pasting clips in a playlist as well.
  • Added a "Most Recent" menu for playlists.
  • Changed current playing clip color to green. Red now designates clips that are set to skip within the playlist.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't load the previous Video Out settings in the dialog when it was launched.
  • Fixed a bug so that when multiple clips are added to the system at once they come in alphabetically.