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I downloaded the demo and I think it's an incredible addition for Photoshop. It's already saved me hours in revisions.

Mark Triplett
Director of Television Production
Sagemont Church
Houston, Texas

The batch processing of the files is an amazing timesaver! I consider your software to be an indispensable tool for any photographer that creates DVD slide presentations.

Louie Law
Elegant Images Photography

Thanks for creating such great products, I purchased your Photoshop Toolbox about a month ago after reading about it in the Photoshop for Nonlinear Editors book. I'm amazed at how much time I have saved from having these tools. After using the demo for Tools for Television PRO, I knew I had to have it, too! The Frame Grabber and Title Builder are exactly what I need for my job. I cannot imagine a more comprehensive set of tools for any video editor or graphic designer who uses Photoshop.

Shannon Wynn
Broadcast Graphics Supervisor
WFSU-TV/The Florida Channel

Your product is fantastic. It saved me so much time when I need to produce graphic for broadcast.

As a teacher in High School, it has been one the best investment this year! Keep improving your product. It's REALLY useful!

Again, your product is GREAT!

Br. Roch Dufresne
Christian Brothers High School
KBFT (Brothers Falcon Television)

Tools for Television gives Photoshop users the ability to quickly create professional broadcast-ready graphics. The easy to use Photoshop Actions and knowledge in their helpful databases represents what would normally take a video professional years to learn and master. This product belongs in the toolbox of anyone creating video on the desktop.

Bruce Bowman
Adobe Premiere Product Manager
Adobe Systems Inc.

I’ve been using Photoshop for broadcast graphics since version 2.5, so I’m pretty comfortable with the ins and outs of designing for video. When I first saw Tools for Television, I thought it was just a collection of actions, which to some degree, it is. I found TfT's actions to be not only indispensible for day to day graphic productions, but I discovered that it preserved one of the most important commodities in broadcast and video graphic production. Time. Also, as an advanced Photoshop user, I still found the tutorials and Power Tips to be extremely helpful and educational.

All in all, a powerful tool set for beginners and advanced Photoshop users designing graphics for video on all levels.

Mark Ahn
Production Coordinator
Mesa Channel 11

Tools for Television has changed how I approach graphic work! The resources in the toolbox make it fast and easy to adapt my images to meet my needs. I found myself using the tools and trying them out before I ever got half-way through the manual! I wish I had these tools available to me years ago!

Ben Avechuco
KAET-TV - PBS Affiliate

I am a broadcast professional cutting national and regional commercial spots on my uncompressed Final Cut Pro system. I am constantly going back and forth between Final Cut and Photoshop for graphics and text. I need to build alpha channel supported images as quickly and creatively as I can. Tools for Television is the exact product I needed at the right time. I can't believe how quickly I produce a high quality graphic that fits my format need. I have more time now to spend on creativity rather than mechanics. As we all know in this business 'time is money,' and Tools for Television has just helped me make a bunch of money!

Matt De Jesus
New Horizons Film & Video
Phoenix, AZ

Tools for Television cuts your designing and production time down dramatically, leaving you more time to focus on editing and finishing.

Corne Scheepers
Potchefstroom University (South Africa)

A real time-saver, especially if you're working in different size formats. Pick the right action and your comp is sized right with title-safe to boot.

John Fischer
Independent Edit

Tools for Televsion has enabled our students the ability to incorporate Photoshop and enhance the Graphic look of our live weekly newscast, ASU NewsWatch. Students adapted quickly with the ease of the Actions - CD Extras - Design Elements. Tools for Television is a must for ANY graphics department that uses Photoshop for television.

Jim Dove
Arizona State University

The pre-built actions certainly speed up your workflow in a production environment. When Tools for Television is used in an educational environment, the actions palette allows new users to critically analyze complex operations which they can then re-create at their own pace.